Vinicius falls in love with the Bernabéu

A goal from the irrepressible Brazilian winger brings down a Sevilla that went from more to less and consolidates the leadership of Real Madrid

While counting the days so that Kylian Mbappé can negotiate with light and stenographers, Real Madrid has found in Vinicius a footballer capable of making anyone forget. The irrepressible Brazilian, undoubtedly the great figure of a League that lamented the power vacuum that caused the departures of Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, knocked down Sevilla with a goal from the flag and reinforced the leadership of Carlo Ancelotti's team, who suffered in the initial stretch but gave a new blow of authority from the hand of his young star.

Julen Lopetegui's team left without complexes at the Santiago Bernabéu, surpassed the leader in the first half hour and presented his candidacy for the title because his defensive solvency is considerable and he is not exactly one-armed up either, but he lacked a bit of luck to take advantage of when the The wind came in his face and he ended up kneeling before an opponent who went from less to more to add his sixth consecutive victory among all competitions.

It was a hectic match, disputed from power to power between two of the main contenders for the title, which dignified a rather frugal championship in high-flying crashes but which has in Vinicius a protagonist who already rubs shoulders with the brightest stars in the sky .

Sevilla uncorked the game early. An error in the marking of Rafa Mir allowed the Cartagena to beat Courtois with a header almost from the penalty spot. It is true that Sevilla works the board well, but it is not acceptable that a team like Real Madrid grants so many facilities. Nor does he get stuck on the mat and give his opponent a chance to knock him out again. Luckily for the whites, Alaba, a starter despite his battered knee, saved on the line a frank shot from Rafa Mir and Courtois was agile to become huge when the omnipresent Sevilla striker caught the rebound and finished off against the body of the Cerberus.

Another Courtois miracle

The locals saw how the first half hour was consumed without finding their place. From that thicket Militao drew them with a boldness fruit of the extreme confidence that his untouchable condition has given him. The central advanced lines and tried his luck launching a missile from more than thirty meters. Bono did the rest, swallowing the shot before the leather hit the stick and reached Benzema meekly for the Lion to send him to the cage.

Sevilla, who had arranged another formidable opportunity shortly before to double the rent with a whip from Ocampos that crashed against the crossbar and had claimed a penalty for a touch of Alaba with the boot on the Argentine, saw how the game was blurred and new account.

The passage through the booth did not make a dent in a vibrant meeting. Sevilla returned from the locker room with as much ambition as at the beginning of the clash and a Real Madrid once again retracted that had a considerable weapon in its dexterous handling of the counterattack. Asensio and Vinicius had two good chances to overtake Madrid, which grew with the changes because the emergence of Valverde and Casemiro gave them energy.

He had Alaba the victory in his boots after a lateral foul served by Kroos, but his shot took too much flight. On the other hand, Vinicius did not fail, who took advantage of a masterful change of game by Militao to step on the accelerator and release an unappealable right to the squad that decided a tremendous game. The clasp was put on by Courtois, who repelled Delaney's head on the horn. The Belgian's everyday miracle.

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