The United States and Sweden have signed their first defense cooperation pact, which is meant to improve their military ties.

The United States and Sweden signed their first deal to work together on defense on Tuesday. The goal of this deal was to strengthen their military ties and allow them to hold joint exercises. This is what Washington said. At the moment, Stockholm is waiting to be accepted into NATO. The Pentagon said that the deal was signed by Lloyd Austin, who is the US Secretary of Defence, and Pal Jonson, who is the Swedish Secretary of Defence.

The Pentagon said in a press release that the defense treaty would “set the conditions (allowing) American forces to operate in Sweden.” When it comes to “the legal status of American military personnel, access to deployment areas, and the pre-positioning of military equipment,” this is very important.

A new deal on defense

The two officials “agreed on the importance of strong and ongoing support for Ukraine in the face of Russia's illegal and large-scale invasion,” according to the same source. Added to this sentence is the term “in agreement.”
Finland and Sweden were worried about Russia's invasion of Ukraine, which began in February 2022. These are two countries that have usually been neutral but have now asked to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO). During April, Helsinki was able to join the alliance. However, Stockholm is still waiting for two of its partners, Turkey and Hungary, to confirm its membership.

The US Department of State says that the new defense pact between the US and Sweden will be valid before and after Sweden joins NATO. The department also says that Sweden “supports NATO's values and is a strong and capable defense partner.”

(Reuters) This December 5's The US Department of State says that on Tuesday, the US and Sweden signed a Defence Cooperation Agreement. This is part of Sweden's efforts to strengthen its military ties while it waits for approval to join NATO.

The US Department of State said in a written statement, “Sweden is a strong and capable defense partner that champions NATO's values, and it will further strengthen the Alliance once its accession is complete.” “Sweden's membership will strengthen our collective defense and enhance our ability to respond to security challenges in the Euro-Atlantic area.”

When asked when he thought Sweden would join NATO, Swedish Defence Minister Pal Jonson said he thought it would happen “as soon as possible.” He couldn't say when Turkey and Hungary would join, though, since they are the only two NATO members who haven't yet given Sweden the go-ahead.


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