Five American service members were killed on Sunday after an American helicopter crashed in the Mediterranean Sea during a training exercise, according to the American army's European command (Eucom) and the Pentagon.

Eucom did not specify the type or origin of the aircraft in issue, but the United States has lately positioned an aircraft carrier in the area to deter a military showdown between Israel and Hamas. regionally focused.

A military plane carrying five American servicemen crashed into the Mediterranean Sea while performing a normal aerial refuelling exercise as part of military training. A notification issued by Eucom confirms the deaths of all five service members on board.

In a news release issued not long after, the Pentagon specified that the object in question was a helicopter.

The American army initially reported an accident that occurred “on the evening of November 10” in the eastern Mediterranean, but at the time, no information was known on the fate of the passengers on board.

“Jill and I pray for the families and friends who have lost a loved one – a part of their soul,” US Vice President Joe Biden said in response. “We pray for the families and friends who have lost a loved one.” “Their loss is shared by the entirety of our nation.”

On October 7, Hamas began an offensive against Israel. In response, the United States government increased its presence in the region and increased its military aid to Israel. This action included sending out ships like the aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford.


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