5 Ways To Increase Male Energy At Home

Sex is like a good book, the more attractive it is to read and the more you want to gnaw, enjoy, discover the beauty of that book. The harmony between two people makes the love sublimation, connecting both spirit and body, making 2 people want to stick together, heating up the flame of love. Not only that, but moderate sex also improves health and promotes immune function, improves sleep, helps the spirit feel refreshed, excited and healthier. However, not all love is smooth sailing, there are times when sex is a nightmare for men when they cannot satisfy their partners and unintentionally put pressure on their happiness. The decreased libido in men is quite common and is influenced by many objective and subjective reasons.

Increase Male Energy

Cause a decrease in sex drive

  • Age

As you get older, the amount of testosterone – a hormone that determines the performance and excitement of both men and women – reduces your interest in sexual needs. In addition, as he got older, the «young boy» ‘s level of desire and ability to work decreased.

  • Have inflammatory diseases of the genitals

Diseases such as testicular inflammation, latent testicles, abnormal development of the testicles, hormonal imbalance, and male hormone decline … are the causes that affect the “performance” of the “boy”.

  • Poor nutrition, lack of nutrients

The types of fast food and carbonated drinks, alcohol or diet lacking fiber, lack of zinc … reduce excitement in the room, affect male hormone levels, reduce sperm density …

  • Medication use

Medicines such as antidepressants, blood pressure treatments, cold medicines or hair growth pills … all have a negative effect on men's performance by destroying all pleasure and male hormones.

  • Mental pressure, stress

The pressure causes physical fatigue, mental exhaustion to surrender causes decreased libido disorders, decreased male hormone testosterone and ejaculation disorders.

5 Ways To Increase Male Energy

Consequences of a decrease in libido

Reducing libido among men is now more and more popular because of the consequences of modern life, sedentary lifestyle machinery as well as environmental pollution. Declining sexual desire if not shared and thoroughly resolved can have a great impact on individuals and threaten family happiness such as:

  • Tension, anxiety, restlessness, irritability

In addition to the anxiety of men when sexual impairment and failure to respond to the needs of their partners, women who are not satisfied are often emotionally emotional, suspicious and speculative.

  • Premature aging

When psychologically suppressed, both men and women are often irritable, and will gradually affect the central nervous system, leading to premature aging, especially skin aging.

  • Frigidity

Lack of sex can make men feel inferior and not want to fall in love, accidentally forget about love for a long time and become apathetic.

  • There is a risk of infertility

Sexual decline is the result of problems with the “little boy” as well as sperm quality and quantity. If this problem is not resolved in time, there is a risk of infertility.

5 natural methods to energize men at home for 7 days

There are many natural and safe ways to energize men at home that any gentleman could try:

1. Exercise regularly

Exercise not only enhances the resistance of the men, but also gives a firm, muscular body. Effective exercises that help men enhance their natural physiology are usually all-body exercises such as yoga, swimming, weight training, brisk walking, push-ups …

2.Try new poses in love

Try new things that are always more enjoyable and exciting than the usual, boring old ways. The pillow story is not an exception. There are many ways and poses for relationships that you and your partner can learn from and try, that will help improve both mentality, making love more favorable and fun.

3. Have moderate sexual activity

When having sex in moderation, it will help the body to produce many male sex hormones – the key to having sex such as oxytocin, endorphins and especially increasing testosterone.

According to researchers, having moderate sexual activity about 3 times / week on average is reasonable. The number of times that can be flexible depends on newlyweds or married couples.

4. Improved nutrition

  • Zinc-rich foods

Cockles and oysters are good sources of zinc and other vitamins such as vitamin C, vitamin B-12, iron, selenium, very good for men's performance. In addition, foods containing zinc such as shrimp, crab, salmon, halibut, chicken, beef, peas, mushrooms …

  • Protein and unsaturated fats

Bean sprouts and oily seeds such as almonds, cashews, walnuts, peanuts …; fish, dishes from eel, chatters …

  • Vitamins

The sex enhancement vitamin C can be found in bananas (contains a variety of B complex vitamins, potassium, magnesium, iron and the enzyme bromelain …); Watermelon (contains many citrulline: an amino acid that relaxes blood vessels, helping to treat erection); onions (considered the natural «white viagra”); quail eggs (rich in vitamins A and B1); broccoli (rich in Vitamin C, beta-carotene, Potassium …)

Increase Male

5. Use natural herbal remedies to support physiological enhancement

Some essential oils and herbs also have a positive effect on the male enhancement effect, such as:

  • Ginseng

Ability to stimulate production of male hormones, increase semen volume and sperm count, improve male physiological health.

  • Polyscias fruticosa roots

Polyscias fruticosa root works to replenish blood, strengthen vitality for men. Gold Star takes down 1 kg of dried clove and soaked with 7 liters of wine for 3 months. Then use every day.

  • Fresh ginger

Contains shogaol, gingerol, and zingiberene that work to circulate blood, dilate blood vessels. Mix together ½ fresh ginger juice + 1 teaspoon pure honey + 1/2 egg and eat every day, preferably 30 minutes before love.

In addition to the above ways, men can also rely on the following physiological improvement products with the following safe and natural ingredients:


This is the product for those who ejaculate prematurely, have weak erections and do not reach orgasm. Eroforce is composed mainly of antler velvet, ginseng and cordyceps – famous and long-standing herbs that promote men's “love” health and improve the function of the “boy”.

Eroforce comes in tablet form, which prolongs the time of “love” and arouses, increases libido. The product does not cause side effects for the body.


Help men cope with prostatitis, and support increased feelings of excitement in sex. Atlantis contains cordyceps, ginkgo biloba extracts and oyster extracts, which not only help fight inflammation, heal wounds, protect the body, but also improve sperm quality, improve fertility. male reason.


Helps improve sexual disorders of both men and women such as erectile dysfunction, apathy …, and increases the feeling of excitement in each love affair. Taurine, royal jelly and berries extract are three notable ingredients for their ability to enhance pleasure and euphoria, increase sexuality and fertility, and improve men's helplessness, increases the quantity and quality of spermatozoa.


With the ingredients of Sexual Harness (Goat horns), Ginseng and Damiana (Antelope), Zevs is the solution to help you really improve the problem of the genitals, bring a feeling of euphoria is very natural by prolonging the time of “love”, helping the partner to achieve pleasure easily, and at the same time helping the «little boy» naturally stimulate.

Titan gel

Titan Gel is manufactured with nanotechnology to quickly penetrate the skin and nourish the “little boy” to develop. This is a solution to help restore the male vitality, regain the form of the «little boy». The product acts on the tissue cells, increases elasticity and promotes growth in length, changes the structure from the cellular level, making the «little boy» naturally increase in size.


This is the product that stimulates the female's desire to desire by lubricating and increasing moisture in the female vagina, preventing vaginal dryness, and increasing female excitement in every love.

Altant Gel

Helps affirm male class by stimulating the erection of the penis, increasing blood circulation, improving the ability to have sex for men, ensuring men have feelings of sublimation and prolonged orgasm. very long.


Deeper is an indispensable product for the men in the journey to increase the size of the «little boy» by improving blood circulation, dilating the vessel walls to prolong the erection time of the «little boy» in love. at the same time increase cravings and euphoria.

5 Ways To Increase Male Energy At Home In 7 Days

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