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Hearing loss is one of the most common functional impairments in the aging process, however today it tends to happen earlier due to overuse of headphones, especially among young. In September 2018, the World Health Organization (WHO) also warned that up to 1.1 billion adolescents around the world are at high risk of hearing loss because of using headphones too much with too loud volume. . Loss of hearing makes your quality of life decline, which can adversely affect daily communication, family-social relationships. So, how can hearing loss be prevented and how can it improve?


Hearing loss – a disease of modern society

Hearing is one of the five very important human senses, helping to communicate with the outside world through vibrations from the ears. —The external sound impacts the eardrum, where the auditory nerve will transfer the sound to the cortex for analysis, helping people to hear, understand what kind of sound it is. There are various intensity of sound effects, but continuous loud “bouncing” sounds in the ears cause damage to cells in the hearing organs. But with proper rest and refresher, these vulnerable areas will be restored. Conversely, if they continue to suffer from too great a sound impact for a long time, these cells will be permanently damaged. This condition is then called hearing loss. Usually, common, normal, Hearing loss is a disease of the elderly when under the impact of aging hearing apparatus. According to the World Health Organization, about 40% of people over 65 years of age suffer from hearing loss due to degeneration of the sound conduction part or the nerve that conducts hearing signals to the affected brain. . At the age of over 50, the hearing organs enter the aging stage, thick cloudy eardrums, calcified bone chains, degenerative hearing nerves, … make the process of hearing loss more and more rapid. In addition to aging, hearing loss is also caused by many objective factors from the external environment such as noise, environmental pollution, tobacco …, in which the loudness is the main cause. direct and powerful hearing ability. About 40% of adults have hearing loss due to the habit of watching television

Sound loudness is measured in decibels (dB), in normal communication this fluctuation is about 50 – 60 dB. Normally, loudness up to 80dB is suitable for long-term listening, up to around 100 dB which is the level of sound that most people find uncomfortable. However, if you do not know, most portable music players today are produced with volume greater than 120 dB. And when an individual is exposed to excessive noise (100 dB or more), the sensitive structures of the inner ear, such as hair cells, become damaged, resulting in hearing loss due to noise. The first manifestation of hearing loss is the appearance of phenomena such as hearing loss, hearing loss, and ringing in the ears. If left untreated, the patient will lose permanent hearing. Hearing loss is now quite common in the world. According to statistics, Between the ages of 14 and 44, 1 out of 6 people will experience hearing loss. Hearing loss does not affect life, but it will reduce the quality of life, causing patients to face many difficulties in communication and in family-social relationships. If you are suspecting your hearing loss, you can also test yourself in the following two ways:

  • Walk and listen around: If your hearing is normal, you can hear the sound of the wind, rustling leaves, the sound of insects … But if there is a hearing problem, you will not be able to hear the sounds this bar.
  • In a noisy environment like bars or discos, if you try your best, you still cannot hear what the other person is saying, then it is time to take a hearing test.

The signs of hearing loss come in different degrees, so watch out for any of the following:

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  • Tinnitus, buzzing in the ears
  • There are always complaints from people around you that you turn on the TV or play the music too loud.
  • Frequent phone rings or doorbells ringing.
  • Or ask others to repeat it because you can't hear it clearly.
  • Talk often louder than usual.
  • Often it feels like the other person is talking very quietly and cannot hear the conversation fully.
  • Unbalance: The inner ear canal sends a signal to the brain for balance. Thus, damage to the ear can cause the brain to lose control of its balance, causing you to stumble often.

As mentioned, in addition to the impact of aging, hearing loss has many causes, mainly from objective causes. There are a few reasons:

  • Regularly clean the ears: Cleaning the ears too deeply and thoroughly can damage the physiological structure of the ear, and at the same time increase the risk of penetration of harmful bacteria.
  • Have a habit of listening to music or watching movies at high volume for long periods of time: Strong vibrations of the sound transmitted directly into the ears cause hearing fatigue, or create a feeling of flare in the ears, this will last causes hearing loss.
  • Nature of work: Regularly working in noisy environments of factories, airports, stations, subways, construction sites, music studios … is also the cause of hearing impairment.
  • High-speed driving: When driving at a high speed on the highway, especially convertibles, the friction speed of wind and air is very high, causing the phenomenon of flare-up, ringing in the ears, gradually leading to to hearing loss.
  • Middle ear infection: The ear is damaged, causing swelling and drainage
  • Acoustic neuroma: A benign tumor appears on the eighth auditory nerve – the place that sends signals to the brain. Because this area is close to the parts that undertake the balance of the body, causing dizziness, dizziness, and gradual hearing loss. The disease usually appears in the group of people over 30 years old.
  • Other diseases such as Meniere's disease, Sclerosis of the ears, traumatic brain injury.

If hearing loss is impaired, immediate intervention is needed if you do not want to be deaf forever. Therefore, timely detection of hearing loss will help you limit the impact of the disease, thereby adjusting living habits so as not to make the disease worse. Aural Plus offers a solution to restore the function of the middle ear bones at the cellular level, helping to improve hearing efficiency.

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The composition of Aural Plus

Aural Plus is researched and developed from natural ingredients, including:

Maltodextrin: Provides sugar and energy to the body, is easily digested and absorbed by the body and at the same time lowers cholesterol levels.

Complex 39 herbal extracts: Helps relieve pain and inflammation, aids in the recovery of hearing, prevents ear infections from chronic bacteria, and helps your hearing be gradually restored.

Vitamins B group: Helps improve hearing, strengthen blood vessel walls, and improve metabolism in cells of the ear.

Vitamin C: Creates normal blood circulation in the ear, participates in cartilage formation and their regeneration in case of ear inflammation.

The effectiveness of Aural Plus

Aural Plus is designed for hearing impaired people with the following main effects:

  • Hearing recovery without surgery.
  • Increase the range of sound reception, sound can be heard from a distance.
  • Reducing noise, reducing noise, thereby helping the patient reduce headaches and tinnitus.

Aural Plus is a soluble powder that is absorbed orally into the body and has been shown to be effective in many countries. The product is safe and suitable for all subjects.

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Aural Plus manual

  • Use the product in the morning.
  • The Aural Plus powder package is dissolved in 100ml water at normal temperature.
  • Stir until completely dissolved. Recommended treatment course for at least 21 days.
  • Read the directions carefully in the package before use.

Survey of Aural Plus users

Results from a small survey of people using Aural Plus received the following positive feedback:

  • 95% of users are satisfied that their hearing has improved significantly.
  • 88% of users are very satisfied with this product and commit to recommend it to their friends. Tinnitus and headache have also been completely eliminated, now they are delighted to be able to hear and speak normally.

Survey participants are selected at random and voluntarily participate, and at the same time pledge to satisfy the requirements of the organizers such as: using Aural Plus for at least 1 month, using regularly. date and commitment to share practical experiences when using …

Where to buy Aural Plus? Is there a fake Aural Plus?

In order to avoid fake products, counterfeit goods, poor quality goods, of unknown origin which are spreading throughout the market, genuine Aural Plus can only be sold online on the manufacturer's website with price and product information. is listed clearly and publicly. Aural Plus is not distributed in any drugstore or other e-commerce sites like amazon, aliexpress or lazada … So, how to buy Aural Plus in Vietnam? Buying Aural Plus directly at the manufacturer's website, customers will receive a discount of up to 50%.

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Opinions from experts and customers

A famous ear – nose – throat doctor said: «Hearing loss or hearing loss has a great impact on everyone's life, because hearing is one of the five basic senses, helping people. Interact with your surroundings. However, because many unhealthy habits from modern life have unintentionally cause an increasing rate of hearing loss, especially among teenagers – the future of country. Prevention is better than cure – in addition to limiting access to noisy places, reducing the volume when watching TV, listening to music …, you need to adjust the sleep mode, be active properly, because, hearing loss does not happen on a day or two but it accumulates gradually. If you are looking for a solution to help with your impaired hearing, give Aural Plus a try, This is a very popular product in developed countries because of its ability to improve the user's hearing ability. Effective and completely benign product ».

Customer comments on Aural Plus:

Mr. Tran Trung Truc (Ha Tinh):

«I have had the habit of listening to earphones since I was in high school. Up to now, I have maintained that habit for decades. Recently, I have come to realize that I often open volume larger than average, ask again every time I am talking to someone. Actually at first, I knew that my hearing was decreasing, I was also very confused, but after that, I feel a little reassured when using Aural Plus in combination with adjusting living mode, now I see that hearing has improved significantly » .

Ms. Tran Binh Nguyen (Lam Dong):

“I notice that I have lost my hearing when I cannot hear the phone ring continuously if it is left at the table or is a little too far from the sitting position. Although the doctor said the disease was only in the early stage, I was very worried and bought Aural Plus. Indeed, thanks to Aural Plus, my hearing has completely recovered ».

Ms. Nguyen Thu Thuy (Gia Lai):

«Thanks Aural Plus for helping me no longer feel inferior in communication. I can completely communicate and live as usual without having to worry about anything. This is a very quality product ».

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