Decree 100/2019 / ND-CP comes into force from January 1, 2020, stipulating that anyone who drinks alcohol (though very very little) in traffic can be administratively sanctioned and deprived of his driving license. This regulation is intended to help limit traffic accidents caused by the operator’s inability to regulate the steering wheel because of drinking alcohol. And if you sadly have to “foam beer” somewhere and still want to hitch the traffic, immediately assume of Senudo – an efficient alcohol resolution at intervals minutes.

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Social consequences from alcohol

In Vietnam, alcohol is not solely a relief but also an opportunity for fellow warriors to point out their “affection” towards every other. If in the past, when meeting for a while, solely a table, a few beers, a few glasses of wine, a plate might “cut the wind” everywhere, today, the retailers Eat mushroom when people attribute all relationships to at least one word: “drinking”. Although knowing that trendy life needs a ton of communication, but not as a result of of that, the previous drinking and drinking culture is now abused and replaced by a selection of drinking and drinking parties, a cup of wine and a smart relationship. filed and innocuous. That lifestyle has greatly affected human health, the link between husband and wife, and caused many consequences for society.

Falling into alcohol, “eating away” the health, temperament, behavior, spirit of the drinker when leaving consequences for your husband, the daddy of your child may be a beer belly that’s not lost to the pregnant girl for 5 months, is on the night without the house, are the days when drunk collapsing in front of the house, vomiting on the floor or yelling or cursing. And in fact, will never be a good example for you.

Falling in excitement is also the reason for 70% of traffic accidents, of which, the rate of accidents caused by motorcyclists is seventy – 90%, the rate of men causing accidents is. 80 – 90% Social losses connected to traffic accidents are huge.

Alcohol is additionally the cause of dangerous diseases such as cirrhosis, liver cancer, stroke, high blood pressure, cancer of the mouth, esophagus, and mental … Especially, in recent years, the speed of young folks infected. The above diseases related to alcoholism are on the rise.

However, one thing is wrong in current Vietnamese society is that if you are doing not grasp how to drink, you will have very few chances of advancement. As a result of, behind the lucrative deals, thousand-greenback contracts or intimate rights-cash relationships don’t seem to be lacking in narcissistic parties. Therefore, if you want to integrate but not dissolve, don’t think about drinking beer and alcohol, as a result of drinking these items too much on your body only harms your health. Assume Senudo’s alcohol antidote answer to regain alertness from alcohol consumption. The product is totally extracted from nature.

What ingredients will Senudo have?

  • Hovenia dulcis Thunb, belonging to the apple family Rhamnaceae: could be a major component of Senudo, originating in the humid and subtropical regions of Northeast Asia, mainly in China. , Japan, Korea. In Vietnam, baskets usually grow in valleys close to stream banks in Cao Bang, Lang Son. Research in 199nine showed that the ingredients in khong tree increase the activity of 2 enzymes dehydrogenase (ADH) and acetaldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH), two enzymes that help the body metabolize alcohol quickly. In addition, bitter melon extract additionally protects the liver, prevents the rise in liver enzymes because of the effects of alcohol, and prevents liver damage caused by the hepatitis C virus.
  • Cucumber: Considered as a panacea in the treatment of liver diseases, supporting the treatment of cirrhosis, hepatitis, lowering liver enzymes, detoxifying the liver. In particular, cucumber conjointly works to relieve alcohol by helping the body recover, awake, scale back hangover and stress.

How effective is Senudo?

Senudo is very effective as a result of it eliminates the results of alcohol by the subsequent effects:

  • Immediately relieve unpleasant symptoms caused by alcohol such as heartburn, vomiting, bloating, headache, fatigue.
  • Purifying and effective liver.
  • Increases the concentration of two alcohol metabolizing enzymes, the enzyme ADH (Alcohol dehydrogenAases) and therefore the enzyme Acetaldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH), that helps to quickly metabolize and eliminate alcohol from the body.
  • Significantly reduced blood glucose, total cholesterol ..
  • Helps take away toxins.
  • Serving to the body awake.
  • No side effects thanks to herbal origin.

Senudo comes in capsule type, is absorbed orally, straightforward to use and safe for the body, appropriate for everyone.

Subjects should use Senudo

  • Individuals who cannot drink alcohol however work frequently have to meet with partners.
  • Folks allergic to alcohol, the body invariably develops symptoms when drinking alcohol like red eyes, redness, nausea, headache, dizziness, itching but forced to drink as a result of of the character of the work.
  • People who like to collect happily have a drink with their friends and partners “all night clear”, but their ability to drink is limited.
  • Folks with low alcohol content, drinking the first few drinks are drunk, tired.
  • Individuals usually lack alertness, headache, and fatigue in the morning once drinking.
  • Folks with liver disease but haven’t stopped drinking alcohol.

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Instructions for using Senudo

  • Take a pair of capsules 30 minutes before at the drinking table.
  • Take one-a pair of capsules after drinking: stop the unpleasant symptoms caused by alcohol.
  • Take every daily pill: facilitate strengthen the liver, restore liver harm caused by alcohol.
  • The product is meant in an exceedingly jar of 30 tablets.
  • Read the directions carefully within the package before use.
  • Combine exercise to attain improved physical, clear mind.

Survey of Senudo users

According to a survey of customers who have been using Senudo to accommodate headaches after drinking alcohol, we have a tendency to received a reasonably positive response:

  • 95% of users reported a rise in their ability to drink beer twice as much as traditional when they drank Senudo before every match. During the drinking process conjointly did not experience a lot of discomfort.
  • 84% of users acknowledge that Senudo has the flexibility to resolve alcohol very quickly and very well. Regarding seventy% of these individuals were fully awake after solely fifteen minutes of taking Senudo.

In addition, with the advice of experts, the survey participants additionally actively exercised lightweight daily, such as: cycling, jogging, badminton, walking, aerobic exercise. … whereas using Senudo to extend your health.

The wife does not need to deal with the consequences of her husband (vomiting, or raging, yelling …) when coming back home from drinking.

Senudo price

Where to buy Senudo? Is there a fake Senudo?

In order to avoid pretend product, counterfeit goods, poor quality merchandise, of unknown origin that are pervading the market, genuine Senudo can solely be sold on-line on the manufacturer’s website with worth and products information is listed clearly and publicly. Senudo is not distributed in any drugstore or different e-commerce sites like amazon, aliexpress or lazada … Thus, how to shop for Senudo in Vietnam? Obtain Senudo directly at the manufacturer’s web site and customers will receive a discount of up to 50%.

Opinions from consultants and customers

Talking concerning today’s drinking situation, Dr. Meadows said: ‘Alcohol should just stop for fun each time we have a tendency to meet, we have a tendency to ought to not push each different to try and do something as a result of in fact, it’s not nutritious. terribly fat. However, cases of serving business, doing business or treating partners, expanding diplomatic relations … cannot avoid inviting / being invited to wine. Then, for those that are allergic to alcohol or have poor alcoholism, Senudo is an optimal answer that satisfies several purposes: each pleasing and pleasing to your partner whereas making certain you are doing not get drunk, still control behavior, words. This is a product that helps to detoxify alcohol while still protecting your liver ».

Client reviews concerning Senudo:

Mr. Le Dac Thanh (Nam Dinh): “I am just an employee. I typically should receive guests on behalf of my boss. However because of Senudo, I regain consciousness quickly and not worry regarding liver damage ».

Mr. Pham Phu Binh (Ha Nam): “Honestly, I’m not very smart at drinking, however I also respect my friends. However currently with Senudo, I can management the state when I drink beer, thus I’m not fearful of my wife nagging anymore.

Mr. Tran Tri Tien (HCM): «Senudo keeps me awake after each beer drink. Not solely that, I don’t even feel tired when waking up ».

Senudo Vietnam buy

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