From begging for vaccines, to throwing thousands of anti-Covid doses into the bin

EXPIRATION. More than 50,00zero doses are due tomorrow and would be lost if people are not vaccinated these days. APATHY. Some 650,00zero individuals over the age of eighteen will receive the AstraZeneca vaccine and don't use it.

To implore for the arrival of vaccines against Covid-19, 9 months ago in Paraguay doses that reached their expiration date can be thrown away.

There may be a great risk that this can happen if individuals do not show up or don't agree to apply the antigen these days. This, by virtue of the very fact that tomorrow, November thirty, thousands of anti-Covid vaccines expire.

These are biologicals from the AstraZeneca (AZD) platform that arrived by donation from Spain on September 13 and twenty four; along with a final batch from October sixteen.

Dr. Héctor Castro, director of the Expanded Immunization Program (EPI), acknowledged that the stock of vaccines that we tend to currently have “is an fully inverse state of affairs to what we had experienced at the beginning” of the immunization campaign.

“We tend to have availability of circulating doses above 500,00zero,” he said without counting the quantity of immunizers they need in the warehouses of the National Vaccine Center of the PAI.

And he confirmed that the AZD doses, whose expiration dates are regarding to expire, have not yet been totally used.

“They were not employed in their entirety, I can say that it absolutely was reduced a heap. We had 500,00zero doses when we started talking about the following expiration date. Many strategies were established that created it potential to apply fifteen,000 per day ”, he pointed out.

But, in a minimum of four to five health regions they still have shipments of vaccines about to expire.

“Now many regions no longer have any doses with that expiration date, at the top of November. But, there are four to five regions that still have that significant range of vaccines to expire; with an average of between ten,000 to twenty,00zero doses that are intensifying ”, explained Castro, taking knowledge from last Thursday.

In this way, there would be a minimum of 50,000 to eighty,00zero vaccines from that platform that will be lost tomorrow; Unless a flood of individuals invade the vaccines these days or comply with receive their doses in the place that they have to.

The Ministry of Public Health (MSP) aims to reach 80percent of the target population.

Of one,193,757 people, aged twelve and over, who have nevertheless to be vaccinated, 651,32two are aged 18 and over and are the ones who can receive the antigen in question.

The director of the EPI announced that if these biologicals are not used these days, they will be quarantined and then it can be seen what destination they take.

“From currently until the last day (that is tomorrow), positively if there are still doses accessible with an expiration date, they can be withdrawn from the market,” he said.

Castro said that they used a “huge effort” in all health regions to succeed in everyone with the vaccine.

“eighteen-year-olds were enabled, the minimum interval was reduced to one month and additional because of the circulation of the delta variant,” he named the AZD platform.

Currently, 45% of the full population has a minimum of one anti-Covid dose. This includes the phase of adolescents from twelve to seventeen years old who are still with the first puncture, for the most half.

Castro said that the expiration date of the doses that arrive was continuously taken under consideration.

“The donations had much shorter expiration periods. And several donations began to coincide: Additional than one,a hundred,00zero doses we received from AstraZeneca in these last weeks; something that we have a tendency to had not received in the previous months and that they did have a terribly close expiration date, “he said.

Different are the purchases and one of the clauses establishes that it does not have a shut expiration date, but 3 months.

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