China and Russia unite against Biden for the global appointment that excludes them

First they protested every on their own aspect and now, during a vital act, they are doing it as a duo. Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping show their coincidence within the indignation concerning the virtual summit for democracy to that Joe Biden has just invited 110 countries, including not China but Taiwan , and Russia however Ukraine.

The governments of the 2 snubbed powers joined their voices against the meeting through a joint rostrum of their ambassadors to the United States, the Russian Anatoly Antonov and also the Chinese Qin Gang. The brief was revealed on Friday by the conservative magazine The National Interest .

Biden's appointment is seen by the 2 capitals, higher than all, as a sign of the self-confidence with which Washington assumes the power to determine “which countries are democratic and that don't seem to be eligible for such standing”: a plain fruit of “its Cold War mentality, ”say the 2 ambassadors.

The appointment is “a fruit of Washington's Cold War mentality” and can “fuel conflicts”, warn Beijing and Moscow

The virtual meeting, convened by the State Department for December 9 and ten, “can fuel the ideological confrontation” and promote “a break in the world” by creating “new dividing lines”, add the 2 diplomatic representatives. And they purpose out that such an inclination to division “contradicts the event of the fashionable world.” Therefore “China and Russia firmly reject this move.”

Promoting democracy through a massive international gathering is part of Biden's political agenda. From the outset, the president underlined his role as leader and gendarme of democratic countries while inserting Beijing and Moscow as great adversaries to fight. The president highlighted such priorities when he set the priorities of his international strategy in the wake of the withdrawal from Afghanistan on the “challenges” of China and Russia: an exit that marked what he defined as “the top of an era” of long military occupations for trying to form countries that are difficult or not possible to shape.

The State Department released the list of states invited to the summit on Wednesday. And therefore the inclusion of Taiwan among them led to an immediate and enraged however predictable reaction from Beijing. For the Executive of Xi Jinping, the decision demonstrated “that the so-called democracy is solely a pretext and a tool to pursue geopolitical objectives, repress alternative countries, divide the planet, serve its own interests and maintain its hegemony in the globe.” said the spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Zhao Lijian. It had been every week since Biden had held a video conference with Xi in which the great wishes were ended when the eastern leader issued some warnings regarding Taiwan: Beijing will take “sturdy action” if the Taiwanese secessionist forces “cross the red lines.”

The decision excludes Turkey however includes Brazil, and leaves Hungary out however not Poland

Biden has also excluded Turkey from the democracy summit, despite being a distinguished member of NATO. It has additionally left Hungary out, but it's invited Poland and different nations whose commitment to democratic ideals is additional than uncertain these days, like India, the Philippines, Serbia or Brazil. The southern countries excluded are Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.

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