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Bruce Willis's family said he had frontotemporal dementia a few weeks ago. Now, the actor's wife, Emma Heming Willis, is asking the paparazzi not to yell at or get close to her husband. She also tells them not to go near him.

Over the weekend, an emotional video of Heming Willis was posted to social media. In the clip, she said, “This one is for the photographers and filmmakers who are trying to get those exclusives of my husband out there: Just keep your space.” “I know this is part of your job, but could you give me some space?”

bruce willis paparazzi video

She also talked to caregivers and experts on dementia care about the best ways to help loved ones get around safely in the world.

When a family member gets a diagnosis that could completely change their life, it can be very hard, but there are ways to cope if you find yourself in a similar situation.

Emma Heming Willis, an actress, tells the photographers, “Please keep your space.”

Heming Willis said, “There is still a lot to teach about people with dementia.”

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Willis, who is 67 years old, recently made a rare public appearance in Santa Monica, California. He was meeting friends for coffee when photographers started shouting to get his attention, as his son, Heming Willis, pointed out. The 44-year-old model drew attention to the fact that “bringing someone into the world and guiding them properly can be hard and unpleasant.”

She continued by saying, “People who are watching the video, please don't yell at my husband and ask him how he's feeling or anything else. Also, please don't say “woohoo.” OK? He needs his own space. Help our family or whoever else is with him that day get him safely from point A to point B.”

bruce willia

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