Lynn Hastings, the UN Humanitarian Coordinator in the Palestinian territories, had her resident visa revoked by the Israeli authorities following the Palestinian resistance group Hamas’s incursion into the occupied territories on October 7.

Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen made the news in a message published on X (previously Twitter) on Wednesday.

Concerning the matter of denouncing Israel—which he called “democratic”—rather than Hamas, he elaborated by saying that Hastings cannot serve on the UN Security Council and cannot visit the occupied territories.

Earlier, he made the declaration, “We will no longer remain silent!” in response to the UN’s bias.

This change came about after Hastings harshly criticized Israel’s brutal assault on the Gaza Strip, which has killed 16,248 Palestinians, 4,885 of whom were women and 7,112 of whom were children.

A total of 43,616 people have been reported injured. Nearly 7,600 individuals have gone missing; their bodies may be lying beneath the debris, waiting to be found, or they may have already died.

Furthermore, over two million Palestinians presently live in Gaza, where they are cut off from petrol, electricity, food, and water due to the “complete siege” imposed by the regime in Tel Aviv.

Hastings said in a Monday statement that the circumstances needed to deliver aid to the Gazan people do not exist.

Following is her statement: “If it is at all possible, an even more dreadful scenario is about to unfold, one in which humanitarian operations may not be able to respond.”

According to the senior UN official, “nowhere in Gaza is safe, and there is nowhere left to go.”

Israeli forces began their onslaught on the Gaza Strip last Friday, following a weeklong truce in hostilities with Hamas. The preceding Friday was the first day of the halt.

A seven-day truce that started on November 24 and was extended twice allowed for the exchange of hundreds of Palestinian prisoners for dozens of hostages held in Gaza, according to Press TV. The passage of humanitarian supplies into the besieged Palestinian territory was also facilitated by this.

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