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Varicose veins are quite common nowadays and is one amongst the diseases with a high increase in the amount of folks in recent years. According to epidemiological statistics, the speed of the disease in adults is 35%, this figure rises to 50% at retirement age and even 65% of individuals don’t apprehend they’re sick. It’s noteworthy that with varicose veins of the lower extremities alone, the amount of ladies suffering is twice as several as men and the rejuvenation of the disease, notably in the age group 20 to 30, is increasing.


Varicose veins – epochal disease

In a traditional body, blood flows from the veins to the heart through muscle contraction and therefore the action of venous valves. These valves act mutually-approach doors, preventing blood from flowing back. Varicose veins are a disease of the peripheral vascular disease group, resulting in injury to the venous valves, inflicting blood to flow in the opposite direction, inflicting stagnation in the periphery and causing changes in hemodynamic. Currently, varicose veins are on the rise. This disease is common within the lower extremities (legs), causing pain and hindering daily activities, with more severe conditions, the disease will also create blood clots within the veins, causing many complications for patients like thrombosis, foot ulcers … According to statistics, varicose veins are currently tending to increase with speedy rejuvenation. The disease is now not for middle-aged people, you’ll expertise varicose veins in people in their 20s and 30s simply. In addition, girls have 5 times the speed of disease than men due to work, living or hormonal changes in the body. The causes that increase the chance of varicose veins can be listed as:

Genetic factors: According to statistics, concerning eighty% of patients with chronic varicose veins have a parent with the disease.

Pregnancy: This can be the amount when ladies are most vulnerable to varicose veins. During pregnancy, the fetus will place pressure on the legs, making it tough to transport blood to the center.

The nature of labor: The things that regularly move or sit in one place continuously for a very long time will disturb the blood flow, thereby leading to the formation of blood clots. So, this is often a standard disease in office staff, teachers, PG, models, salespeople …

Wear high heels often: Carrying high heels causes your toes to carry all of their body weight, which in the long run stops pumping and blood circulation, therefore inflicting blood vessels to swell.

The habit of sitting cross-legged: This habit not only causes back and neck problems, however also increases the chance of varicose veins.

Wear tight-fitting clothes: Tight jeans like jeans or suits that fit the body, particularly the waist and thigh space, if worn regularly for a long time, can cause disruption within the retention process. circulation in the legs, resulting in varicose veins

Excessive body weight: The obesity accidentally “forces” the legs to undergo nice pressure from the body, inflicting the blood to be pushed towards the leg and reflux due to increased abdominal pressure.
Individuals who frequently eat a lot of carbohydrates, low in fiber, or suffer from constipation.

Easy Step Vietnam Buy

Varicose veins typically don’t have many symptoms in the first stages, so it is tough for the patient to recognize, however if you concentrate, you’ll be able to still suspect the disease when experiencing some of the following symptoms: itching, burning tingling within the soles of the feet , a stinging sensation along the shins, serious legs, leg fatigue, feeling muscle tension, night still cramps, insomnia, feeling of crawling legs. If not detected and treated in time, the disease will worsen, inflicting complications such as swelling of the legs, amendment in skin color, ulcers, even the worst case will be fatal. Varicose veins are difficult to treat, but not tough to prevent if you’re taking the trouble to follow sure tips:

  • Avoid standing or sitting for long periods. If the work needs sitting in one place or walking a lot, you ought to exercise frequently after sitting in one place, and take a possibility when going continuously for long periods of your time.
  • Weight stability, avoid sudden weight changes in a very short time, particularly to avoid obesity.
  • Lie down, sit in the right posture: Sit upright, feet perpendicular to thighs, feet are touching the ground, body weight is steadily on both buttocks and legs. Leg rest 5-twenty cm above the center while sleeping to facilitate the blood flow to the guts through the veins.
  • Avoid carrying or carrying too heavy, not in the correct position because it can cause the blood to rush to the legs a lot, inflicting overload for the veins.
  • Follow a diet high in fiber like vegetables, fruits, and fruits, limit carbohydrates, and drink plenty of water to fight constipation.
  • Exercise frequently, ideally 15 minutes daily walk.
    Avoid carrying high heels or clothing that’s too tight or tight.

There are many ways to help patients with varicose veins and limit the development of the disease, like: medication, compression and pressure socks, fiber injection, varicose vein resection or internal laser therapy. If you are wanting for a convenient, easy and economical treatment for varicose veins, Easy Step – the magic stockings for folks with varicose veins – can meet those necessities.


What is the feature of Simple Step?

Straightforward Step is intended to be a light-weight knee-length medical compact, made of a soft and thin cloth with normal elasticity, exposing the tip of the toes, creating ventilation. Unlike traditional socks, Easy Step encompasses a pressure standard of 20-30 mmHg, that helps to reduce aches and cramps, makes walking and activities become traditional, helping you sleep higher and deeper. Each night.

How effective is Straightforward Step?

Simple Step is taken into account an efficient assistant for folks with varicose veins as a result of of its potency and convenience, it is surprisingly straightforward. The merchandise is intended to assist normalize circulation and circulation between the capillaries within the legs, thereby reducing the risk of blood clots thanks to the following effects:

  • Narrow and minimize the spread of impaired veins.
  • Helps soothe the skin, reduce swelling and soreness, relieve symptoms of “needles”, fatigue, and heaviness.
  • Helps to strengthen the veins.


Straightforward Step User Guide

  • Easy Step will be worn at any time of the day, not affecting living, learning or working.
  • Suitable for all ages, from the young to the elderly.
  • Combine regular exercise, and nutritional supplements to promote the very best efficiency of the product.

Survey users of Straightforward Step

The results obtained from a survey based mostly on people who have been using Simple Step while supporting the treatment of varicose veins are as follows:

  • 92% of individuals said that they need considerably reduced swelling and numbness of their legs, blue veins also are blurred than before, and leg pain at night has improved.
  • 81% of users said their illness improved when their commuting was easier.

The survey participants additionally shared a lot of, along with the method of using Easy Step, they participated in daily sports activities such as cycling, walking, yoga … and additional exercises for for folks with varicose veins to enhance the body’s resistance, whereas serving to to promote blood circulation.

Where to shop for Simple Step? Is there a fake Simple Step?

The drawback of counterfeit product, fake merchandise, of poor quality and of unknown origin isn’t only a headache for the authorities, however conjointly causes confusion for users, especially common merchandise. like Easy Step. Thus, genuine Straightforward Step is solely sold online on the manufacturer’s web site with prices and merchandise data clearly and publicly listed. Straightforward Step isn’t distributed in any pharmacy or other e-commerce sites like amazon, aliexpress or lazada… Thus, how to buy Straightforward Step in Vietnam? Obtain directly Easy Step at the manufacturer’s web site, customers will get a reduction of up to 50%.

Easy Step Vietnam price

Opinions from experts and customers

Russian doctor Evgeny once shared concerning venous insufficiency as follows: «Varicose veins are not fatal, however it reduces the standard of life of patients, creating them difficult in movement and activities. Thus, guarantee a healthy diet, a healthy lifestyle and proper exercise to stop these diseases. However, if you are in would like of a resolution to dilate varicose veins, Straightforward Step medical socks can be a good selection. This product has been studied and can regulate and stabilize blood vessels, helping to limit the development of disease ».

Client comments on Easy Step:

Ms. Vo Diem Quynh (Binh Dinh):

«The Simple Step Seals have helped me reduce pain a heap, sleep well at night, very comfortable.

Ms. Nguyen Bao Tran (Dong Thap):

«I continuously wear Straightforward Step socks each day, even when working, maybe so my condition has improved considerably once additional than one month of using it. Now, I rarely feel pain and numbness in my legs «.

Ms. Le Hoai Thu (HCM):

«I wear Simple Step socks continuously in all daily activities associated with yoga observe, thus this disease is now not as worrying as before. The product is extraordinarily convenient, no trouble, not fussy, but highly effective ».


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