10 Ways to Successfully Stop Alcohol Addiction at Home in 7 Days

Alcoholism is a chronic addiction and is classified as a “behavioral and psychiatric disorder caused by the use of psychoactive substances”, specifically the ethanol that forms when alcohol is fermented. Alcoholism progresses comparatively slowly and difficult to note, the addict is not attentive to his alcoholism status until utterly smitten by alcohol. It has been calculated that, to make sure health, with five-degree beer, the counseled quantity is only about five hundred ml / day, spirits concerning but a hundred ml / day, wine about 200 ml / day. However, for drinkers, this can be an extremely tiny quantity that nobody can stop while sitting at the table.

Alcoholism not solely “erodes” the health, spirit, behavior, temperament, of the drug addicts, however also causes 67p.c of traffic accidents, is the cause of dangerous diseases like cirrhosis, cancer. liver cancer, stroke, high blood pressure, cancer of the mouth, esophagus, mental …

10 Ways to Successfully Stop Alcohol Addiction at Home in 7 Days

Symptoms and consequences of alcoholism

  • Symptom

Alcoholics have imprecise and vague initial symptoms that are typically easily overlooked. Therefore, the signs to distinguish alcoholics from those that solely drink normally can embrace:

  • When you start drinking, you can’t stop

Traditional drinkers can stop drinking whenever they want. In distinction, with alcoholics, they’re out of control. They drink continuously and will drink at any time: once waking up, eating, working …

  • Typically sit and drink alone

Unlike traditional people who often drink alcohol when having friends or gather socially, alcoholics typically realize relaxation after operating by drinking alone, not necessarily having friends. karma drink with.

  • Invariably in a very state of looking for alcohol and should drink alcohol

Alcoholics often suppose regarding alcohol and need to satisfy their desires. Some people additionally have a habit of using alcohol as a “medication for” depression or anxiety and stress.

  • Eyes dry when waking up

Alcohol not solely dehydrates the body but additionally affects the tear glands, hindering the lubrication of the eyes.

  • Urinating a ton in the dead of night
  • Forgetting, insomnia, poor memory, fatigue, or irritable.
  • Consequence
  • Central nervous system stagnation

Alcohol abuse causes functions of a half of the brain such as judgment, self-management, and moral awareness to be completely inhibited, resulting in beating, burning, paranoia, jealousy without reason … Besides, damage to the nervous system usually causes pain, numbness or abnormal feeling in the legs and arms.

  • Osteoporosis
  • Anemia
  • Heart disease

Alcohol abuse will interfere with the blood pumping method, weakening the heart muscle, causing blood circulation to deteriorate, causing serious injury to the organs.

  • Liver injury

This can be the organ most devastated by alcohol. If drinking excessively, the liver cannot handle toxic substances, dirt and is easily broken, thereby affecting the body.

  • Lung infection
  • Wreaking havoc on the digestive system

Drinking too much alcohol can cause irritation of the mouth and tongue, harm the salivary glands, leading to dental diseases, and even tooth loss. Alcoholism conjointly causes acid reflux and heartburn, esophagitis, stomach ulcers and gastritis.

10 Ways to Successfully

Alcohol interferes with the body’s absorption of nutrients, resulting in alcoholics usually stricken by malnutrition, and even facing the risk of oral cancer, throat cancer and esophageal cancer.

  • Weakening of the immune system: Making the body a lot of vulnerable to infections caused by viruses and bacteria from the external atmosphere.
  • Stroke

According to the deputy head of the Department of Gastroenterology at Bach Mai Hospital, about ten years ago, patients were admitted for cirrhosis mainly due to virus attacks, however now, the hospital receives a mean of 3,five hundred-three,700 each year. In inpatient gastrointestinal patients, 60% of individuals have liver disease, mainly cirrhosis, and additional than 50p.c of those patients suffer from alcohol use.

10 ways in which to successfully quit alcohol at home

Like medication and cigarettes, quitting alcohol is an extremely tough process that requires determination and patience. There have been several cases of falling before alcohol and destroying yourself before dying. However, if you are determined enough and have a supportive relative by your aspect, it’s easier to quit familiar with the following ways:

1. Stay off from or absolutely limit meeting friends on the table

The festivals are forever a favorable setting for alcohol cravings to arise. If you are in the midst of quitting alcohol, flip down of these appointments firmly and seriously.

2. Amendment drinking habits

Gradually cut back your alcohol intake until you get used to the sensation of no “lack of yeast”, and it can be easy to regulate your alcohol intake. In the first amount of alcohol withdrawal, this will facilitate the body adapt a lot of, avoiding alcohol shock.

Corresponding to the daily dose reduction, change to alcohol with a minimum of four-five times lower alcohol content to limit drunkenness and limit the poison you have to soak up.

10 Ways to Successfully Stop Alcohol Addiction at Home

3. Drink plenty of water

Water can facilitate give adequate water for your body, creating you healthier and purifying toxins from the body.

4. Exercise or sport

Exercise and sport will facilitate your stay alert and alert, especially throughout this era of alcohol withdrawal. You can follow meditation or yoga to calm yourself down, run or cycle to feel better and forget your cravings for alcohol.

5. Acupuncture

This is often a folk means to help quit drinking successfully for quite a few folks. Alcohol addicts can receive acupuncture in ear points to help cut back alcohol cravings and prevent alcohol dependence from recurring.

In addition, acupuncture additionally helps addicts regain their spirits, cut back anxiety, anxiety, and stress – which are the symptoms encountered when quitting alcohol.

6. Add nutrition to the diet

Vitamin B1 could be a substance that is lost within the body of alcoholics, causing fast, inactive eye movement, muscle weakness, or paralysis of the eye muscles. Therefore, throughout this era, addicts need to supplement vitamins and minerals for the body to beat the side effects of alcohol withdrawal like foods rich in B vitamins, vitamin C, and amino acids, and maintain fiber and nuts, recent fruit …

7. Coconut oil

Coconut oil is rich in antioxidants and saturated fats, serving to to nourish, promote and metabolize glucose in the brain. In addition, coconut oil additionally helps kill yeast within the body, reduce dangerous cholesterol, provide energy and maintain health.

Each day eating regarding 2-3 teaspoons of balm or adding coconut oil to dishes is additionally a very effective approach to stop alcohol at home.

8. Bitter melon

Bitter melon helps to purify toxins from the body and heal liver damage caused by alcohol.

Take a few bitter melon leaves, juice regarding 3 teaspoons, will be mixed with milk (not necessary) and then drink every morning on an empty stomach.

9. Date juice

Date helps to reduce the cravings of alcohol and remove toxins from the body.

Soak about 4-five dates in water for about one hour.
Crush the fruit and take away the seeds.
Drink date water every day and drink it for concerning 2 months to work out results.

10. Basil leaves

Having antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, cinnamon leaves will help scale back the need to drink alcohol.

Soak a few basil leaves and regarding twenty peppercorns in one glass of water, leave overnight.
The next morning, take away the pepper and basil leaves and drink it each morning with that water.
Persistently drink for concerning 1-two weeks can get good results.
Take responsibility for yourself, your family and society by staying aloof from alcohol, forgetting those endless bouts of drunkenness today. In addition to the on top of ways to prevent drinking alcohol at home, you can still use some alcohol cessation merchandise and prevent alcohol dependence recurrence due to the following natural ingredients:

10 Ways to Successfully Stop Alcohol


Oxiblock with Swiss formula AKT50zero combines with natural ingredients such as green tea leaf extract, grape seed extract, pomegranate extract, vitamin C .. to assist restore and stabilize organs damaged by alcohol like the stomach, liver …, at the identical time helping the patient to relax, lose the hangover feeling when there’s no alcohol, thereby forgetting the cravings for alcohol.

There have been ninety seven% of users feeling snug and light while using Oxiblock, and eighty fivep.c of users have reduced the sensation of scratching because of alcohol cravings. Oxiblock contains natural ingredients, will not cause side effects for the body and is suitable for all users.


Alcostopex helps to stabilize the patient’s spirit throughout the period while not alcohol, take away toxins from the body easily, thereby restoring organs in the body.

With key natural ingredients like acacia extract, artichoke extract, vitamin c, Succinic acid, vitamin ?half dozen, Alcostopex is the proper solution for alcohol withdrawal as a result of of its natural ingredients are benign and extremely effective. .

To avoid counterfeit product, faux merchandise, poor quality product, genuine Alcostopex and Oxiblock are not distributed in any pharmacies or different e-commerce sites like amazon, aliexpress or lazada … These products are sold. directly on the manufacturer’s website with clearly listed prices and information. Customers who get products directly at the manufacturer’s web site will receive a reduction of up to 50%.

10 Ways to Successfully Stop Alcohol Addiction at Home in 7 Days

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