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It's not simply girls who care about their hair. Although gentlemen's hair fashion is much from catching up with girls, they additionally pay special attention to the ‘health' of their hair. As a result of, “baldness” is the suffering of any man. According to the US Center for Disease Management (Control Diseases Center (CDC), by 2016, the country has 35 million bald men. This rate usually increases gradually with age: twenty fivep.c at the age of 25; thirtyp.c at the age of thirty; 40percent at the age of thirty five; 65% are at the age of sixty. Vietnam still does not have actual figures however the case is like that in Western countries. And Profolan is the perfect answer for those who are scared of going bald.

profolan vietnam

The explanation for baldness in men

Apparently, “baldness” may be a special disease for men, terribly rare within the 0.5 sex, as a result of the overwhelming majority of individuals with baldness eventually are men. Until currently, science has not found the precise reason behind baldness in men. However, many experts believe that the male hormone testosterone is involved during this inexplicable phenomenon and that, baldness tends to be inherited in families. Accordingly, male baldness isn't merely a relentless hair loss, but in parallel with it's a problem with issue or not growing new hair. In fact, the difference between the typical person and the bald person is that the hairs in the bald area grow in a little, small quantity when the naked eye cannot see and it will not grow anymore. Initially, hair usually falls out from the perimeters of the temple, forming an M form, the condition then spreads to the forehead and then lost the brow hair line. The condition worsens when hair loss happens at the high of the head and becomes U-shaped hair loss. If the hair is unable to regrow or grow small, thin and unable to grow, a man can experience baldness.

Baldness is most common in middle-aged or older adults, but these days it is slowly rejuvenating, even in 20-year-old guys. In addition to genetics, there are a number of causes of rapid and abundant hair loss in men, that can be:

Stress, pressure from work, family: According to research, men who work a lot of than fifty two hours / week suffer from hair loss two times faster than those that work less than 40 hours / week. In the case of extreme stress, it can inhibit the growth of hair follicles.

  • Poor nutrition, vitamin deficiencies: Diets deficient in Vitamin H (Biotin) and vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) – 2 determinants of hair health will result in weak hair and excessive loss. than.
  • Using chemicals, heat … effects on hair.
  • Diseases of the scalp.
  • The habit of pulling hair.
  • Constantly up-to-date with the sun, vehicle smoke, pollution …

Hair loss is one in all the body's signs that the health is not very smart … A ton of hair loss causes baldness, creating men feel inferior and guilty, afraid to continue with folks around . And if you are in the identical scenario then Profolan – a product that can guarantee solving the hair problems you are having.

Profolan has an elite composition panel

Profolan contains very nourishing ingredients that are indispensable for hair:

  • Horsetail Extract: Flavonoids, potassium and sallicic acid gift in horsetail have the result of accelerating blood circulation, controlling dandruff and reducing hair loss. In addition, Silice plays an important role in protein formation, serving to to overcome thin and weak hair.
  • Stinging Nettle Extract: Contains abundant sources of vitamins A and C, helps nourish hair follicles, stop hair loss, and stimulate hair growth.
  • L-cysteine: works to manage melanine pigmentation, making dark hair smoother. This is additionally essential for the structure of keratin to increase the growth of hair follicles, stimulate hair growth.

profolan viet

How effective is Profolan?

Profolan is a supplement containing the improved Grow3 formula with the following effects:

  • Restore shiny hair.
  • Nourishes the scalp, strengthens the hair roots, stimulates the growth of hair follicles, and limits hair loss.
  • Protect hair from the effects of external factors.

Profolan is suitable for solving problems related to hair loss, weak hair. Product in capsule kind, easy to absorb orally, with ingredients extracted from nature, safe and healthy for the body.

Instructions for use Profolan

  • Take a pair of capsules daily in the morning and afternoon with meals.
  • Recommended treatment among three months.
  • Browse the directions carefully within the package before use.
  • Combine with a diet made in protein, zinc, iron … and exercise regularly for best results.

Clinical trials with Profolan

Profolan has received positive feedback from users since its launch in the market. According to a small survey, more than 92% of users are satisfied with the results that Profolan brings: hair loss has been reduced considerably, hair becomes smoother and softer. With hair that's damaged by chemical abuse, the results also are higher when the hair is moisturized and smoother.

In addition, regarding eightypercent of users notice that the speed of loss is slower, and hair regrowth faster.

Along with taking Profolan, the participants conjointly shared that they need implemented a healthy lifestyle such as getting enough sleep, not staying up late, avoiding stress and daily exercise and sports to assist the body feel healthier.

Where to shop for Profolan? Are there faux Profolan?

Profolan helps to revive hair once years of dry and damaged hair. That's the reason why there are pretend Profolan merchandise out there nowadays, of poor quality, of unknown origin and causing confusion for customers. Genuine Profolan is only sold online on the manufacturer's web site, with prices and products information clearly and publicly listed. Profolan isn't distributed in any pharmacy or alternative e-commerce sites such as amazon, aliexpress or lazada… So, how to shop for Profolan in Vietnam? Please buy Profolan directly at the manufacturer's web site, customers will receive a discount of up to 50p.c.

Opinions from experts and customers

Russian hairstylist Veronika shared: “In reality, men also are interested in their look as a lot of as girls. They will be extraordinarily insecure and keep if they are bald. Although baldness can not be restored to its original state, you'll be able to still slow this process down by creating lifestyle changes and taking supplements. Profolan is one of the products I see several folks still like. This is a product line designed solely for men to stop and slow hair loss, so it's extraordinarily suitable for those that are worried about baldness. The product is extracted from nature and is terribly safe for the body. »

Reviews from customers regarding Profolan:

Mr. Le Tuan Anh (Tay Ninh): “I actually have a heap of hair loss particularly once finishing a project for concerning three months. The nature of work keeps me up late and stressed. I recently noticed my symptoms and immediately took Profolan. I even have seen less hair loss currently but I will still use it for three months to boost things ».

Mr. Ngo Van Sau (Gia Lai): “I was introduced to Profolan by people and tried it, and my hair loss has improved a heap. Fortunately I am not thus bald ».

Mr. Luu Binh Phuong (HCM): «My hair is thin and weak, and it's straightforward to fall out. Since taking Profolan, I have felt that my hair is a smaller amount and more smoother.


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