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According to data from the Ministry of Health of Vietnam, about 6% of the Vietnamese population suffers from diabetes, nearly 29,000 people die annually from related complications. Application of nanotechnology in natural herbs, Diagood is a product that helps reduce blood sugar, prevents diabetes complications. This is a great solution for diabetics in Vietnam.

Diagood Vietnam

Diabetes and its complications

In Vietnam, there are 3.53 million people living with diabetes, at least 80 people die from diabetes-related complications every day. Bi

Long-term complications of diabetes develop over time. When you have long-term diabetes and uncontrolled blood sugar, the higher the risk of complications. As a result, diabetes complications can be even life-threatening. Possible complications include: cardiovascular disease, nerve damage (neuropathy), kidney damage (kidney disease), eye damage (retinopathy), damaged legs, skin problems. , hearing loss, Alzheimer's disease, and depressive symptoms.

The use of Diagood for diabetic patients

Diagood applies nanotechnology to natural herbs that have been tested at KLept National Critical Laboratory and confirmed by the Department of Food Safety – Ministry of Health. For diabetics, Diagood offers more effective benefits than other conventional solutions, including:

  • Stimulates the pancreas to produce insulin, which helps to stabilize blood sugar levels in the body for a long time;
  • Promote the conversion of sugar into energy, Eliminate toxins harmful to blood vessels and nervous system, strengthen the body's immune system;
  • Helps relieve diabetic symptoms such as muscle aches, joint pain, cramps;
  • Helps the patient get rid of symptoms such as thirst, excessive urination, nocturia, numbness of limbs, weakness, abnormal weight gain / loss, shoulder cramps, knee fatigue, etc;
  • Bring a rosy complexion, and at the same time support diabetics to eat well, sleep well, without implementing strict dietary measures.

Mechanism of stabilizing blood sugar of Diagood

Diagood helps to heal the damage of the pancreas, thereby enhancing the pancreas's insullin-producing function. When natural insulin levels are increased, the blood glucose is converted into energy by the body. As a result, the purified blood makes the body healthy again.

Diagood Vietnam price

The way to order and price of Diagood

Currently, in Vietnam, genuine Diagood is only sold on the official website of the product. All forms of sale through other channels such as e-commerce websites or pharmacies are not official sales channels. Consumers should visit the website to buy Diagood with a discount of up to 50%, only 650,000 VND / box. Especially, when buying 4 boxes, the patient will receive a gift of a blood glucose meter to check the daily blood sugar level of the body.

The ingredients of Diagood

Diagood supplements are made from natural herbs, so this product is safe and has no side effects.

Bitter melon: has properties that increase oxidation of glucose, thereby blocking the absorption of glucose into cells and inhibiting the activity of enzymes synthesizing glucose. In addition, bitter melon also has the same biological effects as insulin, helping the body increase insulin secretion.

Cyanosis: Helps reduce blood sugar levels to help the body prevent complications of diabetes. It also strengthens and stimulates the body's immune system, helping diabetic patients not suffer from the side effects of diabetes.

Sweet grass: A natural herb with a high natural sugar content, which helps to regulate blood sugar levels in the body.

Hoai Son (also known as lacquer root): has the effect of increasing the potency of androgen, an enzyme capable of hydrolysis of sugars very large at temperatures from 45—55ºC. Helps metabolize blood sugar, support diabetes treatment.


How to use Diagood

Diagood is a health-promoting food for type 2 diabetics, those at high risk of diabetes and for patients with a history of heart problems, cholesterol in the blood, etc.

How to use Diagood: To bring the best results, Diagood should be used 2 times a day and 2 capsules each time. Diagood should be taken after eating and used according to a regimen for 2 months to see the benefits it brings.

Doctor's assessment of Diagood

Professor, Dr. Pham Hung Cung – Former Director of Traditional Medicine Department, Senior Specialist of the Ministry of Health said: «As far as I have studied and according to many documents, the effect that Nano technology brings is high. dozens of times more than usual. Therefore, the effectiveness of Diagood products can also be understood as tens of times higher than conventional products. »

Nanotechnology applied by the manufacturer Diagood is the technology that separates nutrients from natural herbal sources into a very small size, only from 30-100 nanometers. This technology helps to promote absorption and effect 300 times higher than normal.

Diagood was tested at KLept National Critical Laboratory Laboratory. KLept is the key Laboratory of Enzyme and Protein Technology (PTNTÐCNEP) which is a research center at the University of Natural Sciences, Hanoi National University, and is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and equipment. modernization to research and develop modern enzyme and protein technology. So the quality of Diagood is scientifically guaranteed.

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Customer reviews

Mr. Thanh Nam:

45 years old, businessman – Due to poor eating, drinking too much alcohol and unhealthy lifestyle, I have stage 2 diabetes. Despite continuous drug treatment and changing my lifestyle live, my diabetes symptoms didn't drop, the sugar level in my body was still high. My wife was introduced to the herb Diagood and after taking a course, my sugar index dropped to 6.5. The symptoms also decreased, the evening began to feel better, the pain no longer felt as much as before.

Ms. Minh Hang:

50 years old, housewife – After using 2 Diagood courses, my blood sugar status has improved significantly. Last week I measured it, the sugar index was only 5.9. My chestnut skin is ruddy, eat well, sleep better. The limbs are no longer numb as much as the day before using Diagood. Thank you very much Diagood.

Uncle Hoang Minh:

65 years old – The elderly have more illnesses in their body, diabetes makes me extremely tired. Sleep restless, limbs ache, eyes and ears are weak. Luckily, my son saw the ad and bought Diagood for me to try. After only 1 course of Diagood, blood sugar decreased significantly. I eat better rice, my body is less depressed and I see a remarkable change. I have to keep using it so that my other symptoms get worse and I live better in old age.


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