Lucky Tackle Bait ACTIVATOR

If you go fishing with dynamite, all you have to do is build sure you have got enough area to fish for everyone. After all, it will no longer compete with dynamite! Lucky Tackle – may be a real sensation in the world of anglers!


Encompasses a double impact

1: Attracts fish from a nice distance.

2: Stimulates the appetite even with full fish

No alternative bait guarantees you a catch like the bait activator „Lucky Tackle“.

So way this is the only bait activator with a proven result.

Lucky Tackle Germany

Working principle

The main principle of Lucky Tackle is a constant feeling of hunger, particularly with giant fish. Lucky Tackle features a direct effect on the instincts of the fish, first attracting them from a nice distance and making them seek for food within the feeding space and then stimulating active food consumption. The effect relies on pheromones – biologically active substances that are released into the setting by living organisms and, in particular, influence the behavior, physiological and emotional state or metabolism of fish.

As a result of a protracted mutual collaboration of a cluster of specialists from the Center for Environmental, Fisheries and Aquaculture Research in Italy, below the direction of Dr. Andy Moore synthesized a chemical in 201one whose composition and effect matched the natural pheromone of fish, which ends up in a robust unmotivated increase in their appetite and their accumulation.

Lucky Tackle Bait ACTIVATOR


The specific biological substances developed by the research and production laboratory Fishingby LTD in 2015, which are contained within the bait activator Lucky Tackle, have an impact on the brain of the fish and trigger hunger in them.

Scientific fact: fish are able to understand even a tiny quantity of this substance dissolved in water from a distance of several kilometers.

The fish gather in colleges and appearance for the bait activator along.

This will be compared to how cats react to valerian.

Herd instinct, weakening of worry and strong increase in appetite – three uncontrollable main instincts that merely „numb“ the fish

Lucky Tackle

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