Muscle pain, joint aches throughout the changing season or cold in the elderly nowadays can be found anywhere, from urban to rural, from wealthy to poor. According to the globe Health Organization (WHO), as of 2017, about twentyp.c of the globe's population has osteoarthritis. In Vietnam, the number of individuals with osteoarthritis over forty years recent accounts for twenty three.3p.c, of that, osteoarthritis is the most common with additional than 50p.c of people laid low with it. Osteoarthritis is not solely a disease of previous age or the consequences of operating in the wrong position, but conjointly a warning sign of dangerous bone and joint diseases that can't be ignored without a arrange. Timely treatment and prevention, the patient is at a terribly high risk of incapacity.

10 Treatment for Painful Arthritis Pain At Home

Causes and symptoms of osteoarthritis pain

Osteoarthritis is a type of harm to the joint, the consequences are caused by the impact of the many factors, inflicting injury to the joint, inflicting symptoms of pain, joint swelling, numbness, joint pain and deformity greatly affect motor function. In addition to the target effects, over time, the joints will become aging, harden and weaken, easily inflamed, and gradually the cartilage ends of the bones are gradually eroded, leading to the phenomenon of The moving joints will friction against each different causing swelling, soreness, and issue in movement. There are many diseases of the bones and joints, however the most common are degenerative joints, spine, degenerative knee, degenerative cervical vertebrae – parts of that are beneath serious weight and are active too usually.

  • Reason

Age: The older you get, the more the organs are faced with aging. When joints are aging, the method of destroying cartilage is more than regenerating, making the cartilage thinner, the mucus at the top of the joint decreases, reducing the smooth movement of the joint, the two ends of the joint rub against each different. pain. The condition can occur in any joint, wrist joint, hand, pillow, spine … Most individuals over the age of 45 experience osteoarthritis pain, particularly women with incidence. disease a lot of than men.

Overweight, obesity: The additional weight you put on the musculoskeletal muscles, this prolonged condition will be inclined to wreck, pain and several joint diseases. In addition, excess weight also affects the spine and also the body axis.

Injury to joints: Joint diseases such as osteoarthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout are typical diseases that create osteoarthritis pain worse and worse again, making it troublesome for movement. .
Work nature: Operating onerous such as porters in the incorrect posture or repeating the identical movement for long periods of your time can also cause numerous forms of hand arthritis, wrist arthritis, toe arthritis, degenerative burning. previous life …

Sedentary: The body holds an edge for a very long time, causing the muscles and tendons to contract. Sedentary conjointly reduces the power to circulate blood to the joints, does not respond promptly to the blood offer to nourish joint cartilage, over time will make the surface of cartilage dry, peeling, changing bone structure below cartilage. .

  • Symptom
  1. Painful pain, numbness each morning when waking up, muscles tense, massage for regarding 15-20 minutes to be in a position to maneuver.
  2. Throbbing pain, redness, swelling, numbness in limbs, problem in movement.
  3. Fatigue, depression, mental breakdown.

10 Home Treatment for Painful Arthritis Pain

10 ways that to treat osteoarthritis pain at home

Bone and joint harm is typically tough to completely treat, creating it tough for the patient to move every day, greatly affecting quality of life. If the disease isn't detected and treated promptly, it will cause alternative dangerous osteoarthritis diseases, along with several serious complications such as muscle atrophy, paralysis, incapacity, even death. However, the disease can still be reversed with several simple ways at home:

1. The guise leaves

Guise leaves are thought-about a “miracle” in the treatment of osteoarthritis at home as a result of of its antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties.

Method 1: Drink guise leaf juice

  • Dried guise leaves, place in a pot and add two bowls of water, simmer till ½ bowl of water is remaining.
  • Drink it immediately after it is warm and drink it when dinner.

Method 2: mix guise leaves and wormwood

  • Wormwood and guise leaves take equal doses and crush them well, add a little vinegar.
  • Build the mixture evenly over the counter and apply to the affected joint areas.
  • This way helps to quickly relieve the symptoms of aches and pains and joint spasms effectively.

Method 3: Processing dishes with guise leaves

The items processed with guise leaves conjointly help a heap for folks laid low with osteoarthritis such as guise leaf soup, fried beef with guise leaves …

2. Ginger and turmeric

Boil water and add a pair of-3 slices of recent ginger, cover for five minutes for the active ingredients contained in ginger to dissolve.
Add 1 teaspoon of honey and ½ teaspoon of turmeric starch and stir well and drink a pair of times a day or whenever pain happens.

3. Inexperienced tea

Green tea can turn out chemokine when it enters the body – an active ingredient that is thought-about to be proteins that facilitate unharness inflammatory white blood cells within the body, effectively reducing inflammation. In addition, green tea is also made in antioxidants, serving to to reduce inflammation and improve the body's immune system.

  • Wash a few green tea and crush it.
  • Boil water and pour into a cup with green tea, cowl and incubate for concerning 5 minutes thus that the inexperienced tea is dissolved in the water.
  • Drinking tea each day helps relieve pain and reduce inflammation effectively.

4. Salt-roasted wormwood

  • Wash and slice the wormwood tree, then add the wormwood to the yellow star.
  • When the wormwood leaves have dried, add 1 handful of salt to the new roast.
  • Place all the wormwood leaves and salt in a very cloth bag and apply to the affected space for 15 minutes.
  • Once the medicine has cooled, you'll take another 10 -fifteen minutes and continue to apply the compress to the inflamed area.


5. Soak feet in salt water mixed with ginger

Foot tub could be a fairly straightforward and effective home remedy for osteoarthritis at home. Every day before visiting bed, soak your feet in hot water with salt and contemporary ginger for 15 to 30 minutes. Soaking your feet with warm water at nighttime isn't only useful for your feet, but additionally helps prevent many diseases for the entire body.

10 Home Treatment for Painful Arthritis Pain At Home In 10 Days

6. Massage with Gac wine

Gac seeds contain lipids, protids, carbohydrates, vitamins and phosphotoba enzymes … rich in nutrients and effective in treating joint pain. Use cotton soaked in Gac alcohol to use to the inflammation and gently massage from 2-three times daily.

7. Olive oil

Use 2-3 teaspoons of virgin olive oil to use to the inflamed area and massage gently for twenty minutes.

8. Eucalyptus (eucalyptus) essential oil

  • Combine 5 – 10 eucalyptus essential oils with peppermint within the ratio 1: 1, then add one-two tablespoons of olive oil and store in a little glass bottle, protected from lightweight and heat.
  • Each time you ache, apply this mixture to the inflamed area and massage for regarding 15 – 20 minutes.

9. Apple cider vinegar

  • Mix apple cider vinegar and honey in a one: 1 ratio.
  • Combine in an exceedingly cup of heat water.
  • Drink this mixture on early morning mosquitoes.

10. Do exercises for individuals with joint pain

Note to observe mild exercises for those with joint pain to strengthen bones and increase the body's resistance:

  • Walk:
  • Gently flex the knee, stretching the calf muscles for regarding 5 minutes before beginning to walk.
  • Go gently, every time ought to not go a lot of than thirty minutes. If it hurts, stop immediately.
  • Do not sit down immediately when walking, so impede for about five minutes.
  • Cycling
  • Exercise maintenance

Nothing painful and tiring than having to depend on your youngsters whereas health remains enduring. Smart health, robust bones and joints not solely provide you a recent spirit, made in energy, but conjointly help you stay healthy, go anywhere you wish. In addition to the higher than home remedies for osteoarthritis, you can still use some joint pain relief and pain relief merchandise thanks to the following benign natural ingredients:


Pantogor is appropriate for individuals who are having problems with osteoarthritis in both early and severe stages as a result of it not only eliminates pain, inflammation and swelling, however conjointly helps restore the autoimmune processes of tissues. joints, restores the elasticity of connective tissue and ultimately hastens the recovery process of joints.

Pantogor has main ingredients together with Siberian sea buckthorn oil, yellow comb extract, brown root extract extract, Devil's claw extract … The product encompasses a cream type that simply penetrates deep into the skin, will not contain chemicals. Study and harm to the skin.


ArthroNEO is meant to revive joint flexibility, making it easier to operate. The product helps to regenerate cartilage and ligament tissues, lubricates joints, and replenishes nutrients to help joints recover and come to a more versatile state.

ArthroNEO contains natural ingredients, which facilitate to securely and simply relieve joint pain and pain for all users, no colorants, no colorants.


Sustafix is ??designed for people having hassle with osteoarthritis of the knee, helps to reduce and eliminate pain in inflammation and swelling, and increase cartilage elasticity and nutrients. bone cartilage, helps bones and cartilage robust.

Genuine Pantogor, ArthroNEO and Sustafix don't seem to be distributed in any drugstore or different e-commerce sites such as amazon, aliexpress or lazada … but are sold directly at their web site to avoid counterfeiting, counterfeit, poor quality merchandise.

Treatment for Painful Arthritis Pain

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