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Go fishing with „dynamite”! Your main task is to make your mind up if there will be enough space in the trunk for all of your fish? Will anything be compared to dynamite? Lucky Tackle – it's a real blast within the fishing world!

Description of Dynamit

Lucky Tackle includes synthesized pheromones, focused essential oils and universal nutrition models for all fish species.

The merchandise is placed in a very convenient fifty ml bottle.

Lucky Tackle

De ce Lucky Tackle?

Lucky Tackle is right for swimming peaceful fish:

bream, redfish, carp, crucian carp, Chinese carp, babushca … Also for attracting predatory fish:
catfish, perch, pikeperch, pike, avat, grayling, mullet, clean, fountain, trout …


The basic principle of Lucky Tackle is the permanent feeling of hunger, especially in massive fish. Lucky Tackle acts on the fish's instinct at the physiological level initial, attracts it from a great distance and forces it to seem for food to the place where it is fished and then stimulates the active absorption of food, even in saturated fish.

The fish has virtually no likelihood of avoiding the hook

Pisces don't excel in the slightest degree in terms of intelligence, however the instinct of self-preservation works perfectly even in them. Well, the Lucky Tackle additive acts on the fish just like the matador's red mullet on the bull, therefore he simply can't ignore the bait on the hook.

Fish need to eat indefinitely, this being their primary voracious instinct, and the Lucky Tackle additive arouses this exaggerated appetite in an irresistible means. Specifically, olfactory and style receptors signal to them the presence of their natural food right where you fish. Upon contact with water, the attractant begins to release biologically active parts, called amino acids, however additionally synthesized pheromones, kind of like those accountable for instinct and breeding activity in those species, so attracting all fish in the world. In truth, the composition of Lucky Tackle contains the total range of amino acids necessary to accurately reproduce the style and smell of their natural food, the share of these elements in the quantity of the merchandise being very high.

Care este secretul aditivului Lucky Tackle.

Beware of counterfeits

We do not sell what we haven't tried ourselves.

We should take a look at the Lucky Tackle and all alternative products and only then provide them to our buyers.


  • Professional fishermen
  • Fisheries
  • Biological scientists to regulate the behavior of fish


Any pools: lakes, rivers, seas, oceans, in salt water or not
Any species of fish: river, ocean, peaceful, predatory
At any time of the day: night, early morning, day, evening
In any season: summer, autumn, winter and spring

Lucky Tackle Romania


Use your favorite bait, even regular bread. If you are fishing for a peaceful fish, squash the bait 2-four times. If it is a predatory or scary fish, squash the bait seven-8 times. After you catch 2 or three fish, spray once more.

To get the Lucky Tackle fishing trigger, order:

  1. Enter name, phone range and press the „Order” button.
  2. Our operator will decision you within ten minutes to specify the delivery address.
  3. Pay only upon receipt – there's no risk – PREȚ: 169 RON

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